Discipleship Groups
Winter 2023

January 18th - April 26th 

World Religions
(Dr. Stephen Lowe)

An Evidence Based Examination
This course is a deep dive study into the evidence or lack
thereof for the religions of the world. The course weighs other world
religions against Biblical truth. Religions to be examined throughout
this course, include but are not limited to: Islam; Mormonism;
Buddhism; Hinduism, and Satanism. As a result of this course,
participants will have a working knowledge of these religions for
their personal understanding and apologetic evangelical

Search For Significance
(Elders Bryan & Heidi Couch) 

Have you yearned for freedom from the pressures of measuring up to other people’s expectations, status, thoughts, and goals for you? Do you desire to be released from what the world says is good, right, and successful?

Join us for a 12-week intensive study on a Search for Significance. This study will dig into truths from God’s Word about who we really are in Him and the goals he has for us Christians as we search for the truth of who we are as a Child of God deserving to live for him.

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